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Book Launch & Book Signing Party

April 14, 2023 will be a memorable event at Deer Clan Books in Bethany, OK. Amy M. Le, the award-winning author of The Snow Trilogy, will be launching a new book, The Copper Phoenix, a fictionalized biography based on a true story of one woman's journey through abuse and pain to find healing and self-love.
Amy will be signing all of her books, doing a reading, celebrating her late mother’s birthday, remembering Black April (48th anniversary of the fall of Saigon), and launching a new book: THE COPPER PHOENIX (a story of surviving childhood abuse and sexual violence).
We will have food, drinks, a reading, and introduction of a very special guest! Bring tissues. You will cry and feel uplifted. Save the date and thank you for supporting independent booksellers.
Books available on April 14 will be:
  1. The Copper Phoenix
  2. Asian Women Trailblazers Who Boss Up
  3. The Snow Trilogy: Collector’s Edition
  4. Snow’s Kitchen: A Novella and Cookbook
  5. Snow in Seattle: A Novel
  6. Snow in Vietnam: A Novel
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