Patrick Greenwood - Author

Before writing full-time, Patrick Greenwood was a global technology engineer and sales professional for over twenty-five years. His debut novel "Sunrise in Saigon" debuted in November 2022 with Austin Macauley USA. The novel is a historical fiction romance with suspense. The Scent of a Lotus is Patrick’s second novel, a prequel to Sunrise in Saigon. Patrick hosts a podcast on Saturdays called "writers on writers over a triple espresso," for authors, bloggers, and influencers.  He has a newsletter as well. "Start with a finished puzzle" comes out on Mondays under Medium and LinkedIn. This newsletter is about writing and learning from mistakes.Patrick loves to write despite being dyslexic his whole life. He served honorably in the United States Marine and holds a BS and MBA in Global Marketing. If in some way Patrick can help others overcome and learn to write with passion and find their "story," he is all in.Other than his love of writing, Patrick loves cycling globally. He sells coffee and mugs online to raise money for "helmets for kids in Vietnam" at Patrick’s writing website is 

Patrick Greenwood with Amy M. Le - Indie authors - Quill Hawk Publishing

Author - Cyclist - Marine Veteran - Espresso Enthusiast

Award winning author, Patrick Greenwood, is a cyclist, marine veteran, and espresso enthusiast. Many of his inspirations for writing came via his business travels to places like Vietnam, China, Japan, Taiwan and Portugal. A true believer in listening to one’s passion, Patrick began writing in early 2020 based on several trips he made while cycling in various countries.