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An's life story is a testament to the power of talent, hard work, and determination.Growing up in a small town in Arkansas as the child of immigrant parents, An was raised with a strong sense of humility, conservatism, and religious values. Despite financial hardships, An's artistic talents were noticed at a young age, leading to numerous awards and accolades.An's dedication to her craft led her to pursue an Honors degree in the Arts from Oklahoma and an Honors Degree in Masters in Acting for Film in Los Angeles. She quickly made a name for herself with notable roles in popular television shows such as Euphoria on HBO, and KIDDING on Showtimes, as well as in the film The Dust Child.An's passion for the arts extends beyond acting, as she has written, produced, and starred in the award-winning short film GOLD. She has been recognized for her talents with numerous awards, including Top Shorts: Best Original Story and Los Angeles Film Awards 2018: Best Actress (Indie Film).As a speaker on TEDx TALKS, An spoke on the obstacles and barriers that Asian actors face in Hollywood, emphasizing the importance of embracing one's ethnicity and culture. Her commitment to her Vietnamese heritage is reflected in her numerous accomplishments, including being crowned Miss Arkansas State Queen, Miss Talent Vietnam USA, and Miss Vietnam America Regency International 2021. She has also been featured in prominent publications such as VOGUE Italia and front cover ofViet Lifestyles Magazine.An's significant social media following not only showcases her artistic talents but also allows her to promote her passion project as an Ambassador for the National Organization of Vietnamese American Leadership of Greater Washington, DC (NOVAL-DC). In addition, An also devotes her time to mentoring & empowering young girls in beauty pageants. Fluent in Vietnamese, An's upbringing instilled in her a love and appreciation for her heritage, as she can easily speak, read, and sing in the language.An's commitment to promoting the representation of the Pan-Asian American community extends beyond her pursuit of a Ph.D. & Harvard extended study. Her commitment to mental health awareness led her to found AAPI ARTISTS FOR MENTAL ILLNESS (AAMI), where she serves as CEO and Founder. She uses the power of art and storytelling to destigmatize mental health issues within the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Through collaboration with artists, activists, and mental health professionals, AAMI raises awareness and promotes the importance of seeking help. An's dedication to promoting mental health awareness and her commitment to empowering the younger generation to highlight her unwavering dedication to using her talent and influence for the greater good.

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