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Book Cover Design

The best book covers create an immediate connection to the reader. It not only represents the genre of the book but impacts the reader in terms of tone and style. We are happy to assist you in creating an attractive and eye-catching book cover that will hook the reader.

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The ABC’s of Book Cover Design

A professional book cover design makes a great first impression. Let’s design a cover that stands out. Creating the right front, back, and spine of your book will not only appeal esthetically and emotionally to your readers, but it can lead to amazing sales.



Tell us your vision and share comparable titles with us. By articulating and showing us what you envision, we can design a cover that’s engaging and represents the book's contents.



Our designer will take the information from the consultation, convert them into sketches or mockups, and format the layout of images and text to accurately represent the genre of the book. A good book cover will catch a reader's eye, create an impression, and stand out among the crowd.



Before releasing a high-resolution eBook or full-wrap print book cover, our designer will provide high quality mockups for feedback. You will be involved in the book cover creation process and sign off on the cover before publication.

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Tell Your Story

A good book cover design should be clear, concise, and eye-catching. It should tell enough of the story to intrigue the reader and have them thirst for more. Your readers will make judgments about your book through the images displayed on the cover long before they spend their money on it, so it is crucial that you give them what they want. Let’s create an unforgettable, engaging, and effective cover that will resonate with your readers.

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