Editing & Indie Publishing Services

Prestige Prose, owned and operated by Staci Mauney, is a professional online editing and writing company where we believe the written word is the key to effective communication. From simple proofreading to comprehensive line editing, our professional staff provides the highest quality services to ensure the voice of the author is preserved. If you are looking for a big-picture developmental edit of your novel, a line edit or copy edit of a fiction or nonfiction manuscript, or a proofread right before you publish, you will find support for your project at Prestige Prose. Quill Hawk Publishing, an Asian American, woman-owned, indie-publishing company founded by Amy M. Le, is proud to announce a new partnership with Prestige Prose, a professional online editing and writing company that offers a variety of services, from simple proofreading to comprehensive line editing, to authors, lawyers, businesses, and students. Founded by Staci Mauney, Prestige Prose provides the highest quality services to ensure the voice of the author is preserved. New referrals who sign with Prestige Prose and/or Quill Hawk Publishing receive 10% off editing and/or indie-publishing services.

Graftec Communications

Roger Koontz founded Graftec Communications in 1997. The company started as a one-person single office where Roger leased printing equipment from another print shop where he was previously employed.  During the eighteen months in business, Roger acquired enough business to hire his first employee.Graftec Communications has changed locations several times in the past twenty-five years. Now a 12,000 square foot, full-service print shop in Bethany, OK, Graftec Communications employs fourteen full-time employees, including the first employee Roger hired in 1998. The company offers a variety of services to its clients. This includes everything from business cards and letterhead to window decals and banners. Graftec Communications also produces a variety of magazine formats and books in both softcover and hardback form. Roger continues to handle operations for his company and enjoys maintaining relationships.

Black Widow Books

Virginia McKevitt, the owner of Black Widow Books, is a Graphic Designer and book cover artist. She also designs logos, Facebook banners, audio covers, bookmarks, and other book-related items. She works for dozens of authors in all genres, fiction and non-fiction. Several of her covers have won awards (including Amy M. Le's Snow in Vietnam - top 20 book covers of 2020 by BookBrush) and she has designed dozens of covers for USA Today and bestselling authors. Quill Hawk Publishing and Black Widow Books are teaming up to offer indie authors book cover design services! Writers, are you ready to turn your story into a published book? Let Quill Hawk Publishing guide you through the process and let Black Widow Books turn your vision into a cover that will have readers taking notice!

Illustrator & Children's Book Coach

Carli offers 1) Coaching to Children’s Book Authors wanting to Indie Publish and 2) Illustrator Services - illustrations and consulting for authors who want to learn more about illustrating their own books. Carli has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. From a young age, she learned of the magic that existed in books and has been entranced by it ever since. As a child, she consistently begged her parents for visits to the library so she could hand-pick from their vast collection of magical works. Her parents frequently caught her hiding under her bedcovers sneaking a book she couldn't put down, long into the night. It must have been the warm, soft glow of the reading light that gave her away!

Cyclewriter Publishing

When it comes to protecting yourself and your business, understanding the ins and outs of cyber security is critical. It is why Quill Hawk Publishing is proud to announce a powerful partnership with Cyclewriter Publishing. Under his real name, John Gormally is a freelance writer, cybersecurity blogger and host of the "at the corner of cyber and blog" podcast, which runs every Thursday at 11:00 am PST. John currently freelances for several companies. He focuses on cybersecurity, hacking, ransomware, blockchain, and digital transformation content. Under his pen name, he is Patrick Greenwood, a fictional writer currently under contract with Austin Macauley USA. His first novel "Sunrise in Saigon" is due out this year. The novel is a historical fiction romance with suspense. He has two novels in development, “Codename: Dragon Vault" and "Shores of Okinawa." The novels are in a series and he hopes to have at least seven total stories in this collection. Patrick hosts a podcast on Saturdays called "writers on writers over a triple espresso," for authors, bloggers, and influencers. This is an open podcast for them to talk about their latest works. There is no charge for these podcasts. He has a newsletter as well. "Start with a finished puzzle" comes out on Mondays under Medium and Linkedin. This newsletter is about writing and learning from mistakes.

Voice Actor

Are you looking for voice over talent, but don’t know where to turn? Look no further. As a voice actor and author, Dee loves to tell a great story and enjoys narrating audiobooks. Although her interest in voice acting was initiated because of her love for books, she has also been trained in commercial voice talent. Her services include all types of voiceover projects including audiobooks, commercials, industrial education videos, and book trailers. Flexing her creativity to give the client the emotion and perspective each project requires is a primary goal for all her work.

Voice Description

Dee has been trained in commercial voice talent work. She likes flexing her creativity to give the client the emotion and perspective their project needs. Dee's natural voice has a comfortable, conversational quality, but when needed she also performs other voice stylings such as a southern woman, a country boy, a conservative news anchor, and a child. Please consider Dee Britt, The Adaptable Voice, for your next voice talent needs. Thank you.

Audio Sample


Since 1984 while working for Compton Terrace in Tempe, AZ, Edward has been involved in the behind-the-scenes of rock and roll. His first photography job was with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith while they were in Tempe. Since that time Edward has been photographing everyone and anyone on stage during a concert. "I have been around music and photography since I was 16 years old... 40+ years of photography work." Edward does fashion and portrait photography in the Seattle area. Working directly with actors, actresses, and models on an almost 365-day schedule. He has had his work in over 180 magazines and has had well over 90 million views of his work. Magazine covers, Album Covers, International awards and more have all had Edward’s work on them. He has worked with some of the most famous and most fantastic people in his career. The trust people have in him is a testament to who he is as a person.

Script Consultancy, Story Analysis, Screenwriting

Phil Clarke (aka PHILMSCRIBE) is a script consultant, story analyst, screenwriter, and author with over twenty years of service to cinema. After years working at the coal face of film on such features as Sleepy Hollow, Enigma, The Beach and two of the biggest box office franchises: Star Wars and Harry Potter, he turned to writing – both for the page and the screen. His screenplays have been optioned both in the UK and Hollywood and his books have been published worldwide. These days Phil works as a script consultant, offering both reading and writing services to both aspiring and established writers keen to develop their projects and hone their craft. His clients have won or placed highly at major script competitions, had their projects optioned, and acquired representation, while others have gone on to be produced, the best debuting at Cannes.

Voice-Over Actor & Recording Artist

Quill Hawk Publishing is excited to announce a partnership with Heath Martin VO!! This talent can sing and do things with his voice that are incredible. As a matter of fact, we discussed business over sushi and he demoed his range of vocals. In one sitting, I dined with a baby, a British spy, and a Scottish man with an attitude. LOL. Heath has voiced for TV & Radio commercials, Video Games, Characters and Animations, Audiobooks, Trailers, and Promotions... His singing background is in gospel and R&B. Writers, if you are looking for a voice actor to narrate your book, book/movie trailers, sing for a commercial, personify your comic reel, or whatever project it is, contact Heath today!

Beta Reader & Book Reviewer

Quill Hawk Publishing is excited to announce a partnership with Tamara Dragseth as our go-to beta reader and book reviewer! Tamara discovered reading in second grade because of the Scholastic book program provided through school. She purchased the book "HEIDI," fell deeply in love with the book and reading, and she has never surfaced for air. Tamara's interests range from history to science fiction/fantasy. She finds reading about how people lived in the medieval or post-colonial America time fascinating. Likewise, debut novels are also a favorite which has allowed her to discover new authors. The genres that she really enjoys are memoirs, general history, cookbooks, light beach/summer reads, comedic writing, crime/mystery, science fiction and fantasy. WRITERS - If you need a beta reader/book review, Tamara accepts print books, pdfs, and Kindle eBooks.

Digital Marketing

Ashley has worked in the digital marketing industry since nearly the beginning. Ashley has blazed many trails and helped to convert what was once complex, into easier and more accessible for smaller businesses to market themselves digitally. Her natural aptitude for all things digital, coupled with a track record helping so many businesses, prepared her perfectly to step into her current business model. By testing and recording what actually works, she now exclusively helps small and medium sized businesses nationwide be successful, solve more business problems, reach the right customers, and get measurable results. Ashley’s clients reap the benefits of her lifetime of learning and her proven ability to solve business problems.

Press Kits, Editing, Website Design, Book Cover Design & Graphics

It is with bated breath that Quill Hawk Publishing and Valiant Works Publishing jointly announce our partnership of creative minds, collaborating together to bring the author's journey to life. Writers who wish to indie publish with QHP can also partner with the artistic talents of Valiant Works Publishing to create press kits, graphics, and author websites. Meet Jenny Muscatell, a licensed social worker, author, co-host of That's the #Truth Podcast, and photographer. She is also the co-founder of Muscatell Ministries and The Heart Community Collection and serves as Editor in Chief for CHD Magazine. With over two decades of experience in the social services field, Jenny has established an extensive reservoir of expertise specializing in crisis intervention, health systems, and end-of-life care. Her career path has provided her with the reasoned perspective required to thoughtfully examine any number of topics. Jenny is deeply passionate about the work she does. She has been regarded as a fierce advocate, and a beacon of truth, fairness, and commonsense. Jenny is the author of the Amazon Best Selling book, “The Journey of Faith and an Open Heart.” As a public speaker, she has shared her faith and experiences on a variety of podcasts, social media platforms, and WCHF’s Missions in the Backyard Program and Up2Me Radio with Kim Crabill. ​Widowed at 36 and mom to an HLHS daughter who has required 8 major open-heart surgeries, Jenny knows the ache of difficult times. She spends countless hours supporting the heart community through various efforts and works hard to help others stand in perseverance and cling to hope. Through faith-filled presentations, heartfelt written words, and photography, Jenny’s mission is to give voice to the vulnerable, hope to the hurting, and make way for the unspoken to be told.

Editing & Publishing Services

Quill Hawk Publishing and Baby Hearts Press are teaming up to provide our CHD community the opportunity to publish their work. While we both offer hybrid publishing services, from editing to publishing and promoting, Baby Hearts Press is specifically for the congenital heart defect community! In 1996, Anna Jaworski decided to publish a book about her son's heart condition — thus Baby Hearts Press was born. Baby Hearts Press is committed to the congenital heart defect community and wants to help you publish your book. Their team of experts will help you share your story with the world. They offer editing services (developmental, line editing, and proofreading), the nit-gritty of publishing your book, and self-promotion. A Distinguished Toastmaster, Anna can help you prepare for interviews, podcasts, and presentations, too.


Katrina Schroeder is an editor, book coach, and writer. She helps aspiring and seasoned writers who already have several novels under their belt. Wherever you are in your writing process, Katrina can help you complete your book. She offers developmental editing services to point out your strengths and weaknesses so you can make the choices that will best serve your story. Katrina also offers book coaching services if you're looking to step up your writing game. She's been editing and coaching for over ten years and is a member of ACES, EFA, and have a Certificate in Editing from ACES/Poytner. She has also completed the Developmental Editing for Fiction coursework through the Editorial Arts Academy.

Charlotte Chiew

Charlotte Chiew is the ABC Voiceover Girl.That’s A for American-ized, B for British-educated, and C for Chinese-descended. Born in Singapore, Charlotte grew up all over the world. Which explains her indistinguishable accent. Some people call it Mid-Atlantic or transatlantic. She says, it's kinda-American-sort-of-British, with an optional Asian lilt. Charlotte’s native tongue is English. She selectively voices in Mandarin, and speaks fluent French. Add that to her 15+ years of professional actor training and theatre/film/TV credits, Charlotte’s voice is undeniably versatile. Specializing in narrating and producing children’s audiobooks – Picture books, Early Readers, Middle Grade Fiction, Teen & YA, and Christian/Self-help  - Charlotte has a magical way of finding a fascinating aspect to every story she performs because she instinctively knows how to connect with young audiences. Charlotte Chiew - Bubbly, Uplifting, Spunky: like your favourite chilled summer mocktail. With an unsuspecting kick of ginger 🍹

Voiceover Services

A professional film, TV & Stage actor, Charlotte brings her passion & 15+ years children’s theatre experience to audiobook narration. Her bubbly, uplifting, spunky voice is perfect for YA Rom Com and Fantasy, while her Christian faith shines through in Religious/Self-help.