Brittany Lee

Brittany Lee is the founder of Sensational Substitutes LLC and serves as the Director of Child Care Services at Oklahoma Human Services. Lee has been working in the early childhood sector for over twenty years. Her expertise ranges from teaching in the classroom, directing a child care center, supervising operations for multiple ECE programs, facilitating professional development, and mentoring young educators. Her passion for early childhood education started at an early age when she realized she had a gift for caring for young children. She grew up in the Oklahoma City community where education played a big role in her upbringing. She feels a responsibility to pass on the positive experiences she received throughout her educational evolution knowing it could enhance someone’s journey as well. That responsibility has grown into a passion to be an advocate in the early childhood education arena. Lee has always lived with the philanthropy philosophy of, “Why work to make other people rich when you could be working to enrich others.”

Lee graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education in 2007. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, she was active in a total of 21 organizations on campus, while still working with children at the local YMCA in her spare time. After completing her undergraduate degree, she went straight into teaching at an early childhood education center and realized the critical role early childhood education plays in the development of each child’s lifelong journey. Since that time Lee’s mission is to ensure early childhood teachers are well prepared to enter the classroom and child care centers are equipped with great staff to foster an exceptional learning experience for all involved. Lee has been awarded various awards including the Oklahoma Early Reading First Committed to Education Excellence award, CECPD Leadership award, and the LCG Gold Star Exceptional Directors award. Lee also went on to receive her Master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum in 2015.

Brittany Lee is passionate and committed to enriching the lives of children and those childcare professionals who work with them. Not only is she enthusiastic about education but her amazing family as well. She currently resides in Yukon, Oklahoma with her loving husband and two amazing daughters. She is looking forward to making a positive impact in the early childhood sector, inspiring the minds of early childhood educators, and creating a positive future for children and families.