About John Gormally

Under his real name, he is John Gormally, a freelance writer, cybersecurity blogger, and host of the "at the corner of cyber and blog" podcast, which runs every Thursday at 11:00 am PST. John currently freelances for several companies. He focuses on cybersecurity, hacking, ransomware, blockchain, and digital transformation content. John is married and resides in Carlsbad, CA. Before writing full-time, he was a global technology engineer and sales professional for the last twenty-five years. He also has a published newsletter on LinkedIn - "Threat modeling - team support." The newsletter comes out every Friday. The focus is on compliance, cybersecurity, and privacy issues.

Under his pen name, he is Patrick Greenwood, a fictional writer under contract with Austin Macauley USA for his first novel "Sunrise in Saigon." The novel is a historical fiction romance with suspense. He has two novels in development, "Shores of Okinawa" and "Scent of the Lotus," both under contract with Quill Hawk Publishing. The novels are in a series, and he hopes to have at least seven total stories in this collection. Patrick hosts a podcast on Saturdays called "writers on writers over a triple espresso," for authors, bloggers, and influencers. This is an open podcast for them to talk about their latest works. There is no charge for these podcasts. He has a newsletter as well. "Start with a finished puzzle" comes out on Mondays under Medium and LinkedIn. This newsletter is about writing and learning from mistakes.

As you can see, John writes creatively under two different genres and two identities. Yes, sometimes he even forgets who he is! :) John loves to write despite being dyslexic his whole life. He served honorably in the United States Marine and holds a BS and MBA in Global Marketing. If in some way John can help others overcome and learn to write with passion and find their "story," he is all in.