About Dr. Tran's Book

Through a naturopathic and acupuncturist approach to health, Dr. Julie’s aim is to restore the “whole patient” to their natural state: balanced and healthy. Explore the science behind acupuncture, the mechanisms of its physiological effects, and the various theories on how acupuncture may stimulate the body's natural healing processes.

Julie Tran-Olive

Dr. Julie Tran-Olive, ND, L.Ac, is a renowned naturopathic doctor, author, and researcher dedicated to a holistic approach to healing. Born and raised in San Jose, CA, Dr. Tran-Olive developed a passion for the field of psychology early on. She pursued her undergraduate studies at The University of Redlands in CA, earning a BA in Psychology.

Dr. Julie Tran-Olive is an industry advocate for health and wellness through alternative medicine and has made it her mission to educate communities about its benefits. Through her efforts as a doctor, speaker, and writer, she has shared her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and naturopathy, improving the lives of countless individuals.

Today, Dr. Julie Tran-Olive is an international best-selling author who has contributed her expertise and insights on naturopathy, acupuncture, and more.