Keith Madsen

Keith Madsen writes fiction that combines adventure and romance with stories which dare to think the world can be better than it is. In his writing, the characters are real, but at the same time they dare to transcend their reality. Keith believes that fiction, to be truly inspirational, must first acknowledge the hard realities of life. In his books, as in life, people die, not just the evil people, the ones brought into being seemingly for the sole purpose of dying and validating a world of justice; but the good people as well -- children with cancer, kindly grandpas, leaders fighting crime and injustice. The inspirational aspect comes not from such deaths left as cold realities, but as they become seeds which lead to the renewal of life and resurrection. Keith has published two of his novels, THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF TOUSSAINT (Adelaide Publishing, New York, 2018), and SEARCHING FOR EDEN (Quill Hawk Publishing, Seattle, WA). He has two other novels coming: BRIDLES OF ARMAGEDDON and A GARDEN IN WINTER. He has also written short stories that have been published in Short Story America, Mobius: A Journal of Social Change, Talking River, and Adelaide.