Len Tran

Len Tran, a graduate from City College of New York (CCNY) in 1998 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering, has been working as an engineer and a supervisor at the Patent and Trademark Office for more than two decades. With over thirty-five years of martial arts experience, he is also the founder of Virginia Shorin-Ryu, a traditional Okinawan karate style since 2005. In addition to teaching karate, he founded Kinetic Mind in 2020 with the vision of helping people engineer their busy minds to maintain focus and improve everyday life.

Len's Books

"Break the Bricks" is your guide to shattering self-doubt and imposter syndrome, unlocking your true potential through self-discovery, preparation, and compassionate action. "Split Up by the Sea" is a memoir of survival and hope. Winner of Quill Hawk Publishing's 2023 Best Indie Choice Award.