Lily Tran

Lily Tran is the Founder of TaxUSign®, a Washington State firm providing virtual tax help for whatever life throws at you. Lily is licensed by the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent (EA), a federal program authorizing her to represent taxpayers before the IRS when it comes to audits, collections, and appeals. She is also a Certified Tax Coach, Certified Tax Planner, and NTPI Fellow.

Lily has over 15 years of experience in accounting, tax, consulting, and advisory services for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations. Lily’s firm TaxUSign® provides high-quality, personal service resulting in significant tax savings, strategic business growth and tax compliance, and immeasurable peace of mind for her clients. She is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, Washington State of Enrolled Agents, and the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.

She has served as the Director of Washington State of Enrolled Agents and Past Treasurer of Washington State Tax Consultants. She is a sought-after speaker for local, regional, and national organizations, and she was featured in Forbes, Bloomberg Tax and Accounting, and SUCCESS Magazine. Lily is the editor and chief contributor of a tax anthology and a tax course creator.

About the Book

"Tax MythBusters: Don't Fall Prey to These Tax Misconceptions: Exposing the Truths about the Top Tax Myths" offers practical guidance that busts the most prevalent myths and provides readers with accurate, up-to-date information from real tax experts and financial leaders. By combining the collective expertise of our eight experts with a social media reach in the millions, we have created a comprehensive resource with real-world examples that simplifies the daunting world of taxes and gives entrepreneurs the right tools to make informed and accurate financial decisions.