Michelle Salmon

Michelle Salmon has been an elementary school teacher for nineteen years in New Jersey. Her first book, New Jersey Girl, was inspired by experiences she had growing up in the town where she currently teaches. She has spent her life living on both coasts. Michelle has her Masters in Education from TCNJ and a BS from the University of Maryland. When she is not working or writing she enjoys spending time at the lake with her husband and their three kids.

About Michelle’s book, New Jersey Girl, coming out later this year:

How can Melissa just leave everything and everyone behind? In the 1990s, when Melissa’s family decides to move across the country, she’s thrown from sunny California into the stormy halls of a New Jersey middle school. Melissa struggles to find her footing while simultaneously dealing with puberty, a growing interest in boys, and an increasing amount of anxiety. While navigating these challenges and overcoming amusing twists and turns, she discovers the strength to grow into her own. Melissa ultimately learns the true meaning of friendship and finally carves a place for herself in New Jersey.