Shelley Malicote Stutchman

Shelley Malicote Stutchman, a survivor of breast cancer, has emerged as a dedicated patient advocate. Her journey, from being a retired nurse and former community liaison for home health and hospice, has endowed her with invaluable firsthand experience in the medical field. Her passion for research is not just a mere sentiment but a commitment she demonstrated by becoming a test subject for Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine.

Shelley has made significant contributions in the healthcare field. She has owned a mental health program for low-income women, founded a support group for women over forty, and received recognition from the governor for her work with Workforce Oklahoma. Shelley is a featured writer for CAREGIVER MAGAZINE. Her expertise is further recognized through her status as an award-winning speaker and author.

Shelley's love for writing and storytelling is a testament to her creative spirit. Today, she shares her own stories through various platforms, including creating daily videos on TikTok and being a Facebook Digital Creator.

When she's not writing or advocating, Shelley enjoys the simple pleasures of life—like watching hummingbirds on her front porch with her husband Neil Johnson, aka Cameraman. Shelley offers speaking engagements on breast cancer to spread awareness and inspire others to keep fighting.

In a world shattered by the words "you have breast cancer," Shelley found herself navigating a labyrinth of fear and uncertainty. "Peek-A-Boob" is her courageous tale of transformation from diagnosis to triumph, where she tackles tough obstacles, such as ghosting by friends, standing up for what she felt best for her treatment, and moving forward from breast cancer back to an optimistic future. With heartwarming quotes and uplifting encouragement, the author helps readers find solace when grappling with doubts and despair. Venture into the unique chapter "Man to Man," penned by Shelley's husband, offering a rare male perspective on battling breast cancer alongside a loved one. For those seeking an ally in their journey toward healing, this book stands as an original masterpiece—seamlessly blending personal testimony with practical guidance. "Peek-A-Boob" is not just a book; it's a promise of unwavering companionship in the battle against breast cancer.

Coming October 2024!