Xander Thomas

Xander was born and raised in Oklahoma. Since then, he has traveled the state, the nation, and the globe, learning and adding life experiences. He delights in seeing people, cultures, and ideas from fresh angles, and in looking for the good in himself and others. Authorship had long been a personal goal, but Xander finally found a calling in writing books for children and young adults, which helped him re-explore the silliness, wonder, tragedy, and hopefulness of youth. Xander's first book is titled "Iggi."


"Iggi" doesn't just follow the anxieties of a kid who can't understand why he doesn't fit in—it also turns his story into one of hope, as he eventually learns to be at peace with who he is and who he can still become. It's an ongoing transformation from uncertainty to self-assurance… the very story of life itself. This book is special as Iggi's story is told from the child's perspective as well as the older version of Iggi as an adult.