Isaac's Book

When the Impossible Became Possible is a collection of information, formation, and transformation tools the author collected during his life of missionary work in Africa and Europe. During his journey of discovery, he traveled half of Africa and three countries in Europe questioning the impossible, studying impossible situations and how they became possible. This book is a testimonial of hidden possibilities in impossible situations.

Isaac Kinzambi - Author

Isaac Kinzambi is an inspirational speaker and poet. He was born in Africa in 1972. He worked from 1997-2016 as Community Organizer, Life Coach, and Pastor in France, South Africa, Congo, Angola, Portugal, and Namibia before moving to the U.S. His educational background includes theology, practical philosophy, coaching, public speaking, mentoring, counseling, media production, and applied science. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and is studying for a Masters in Philosophy. Isaac has created the concept of “Dream-Time-Motion” for human and community development. He is the founder of Dream Time Motion Institute based on concepts of information, formation, and transformation.

Invite Isaac to Speak

Isaac travels nationally to spread the message and hope of Jesus Christ. He speaks with passion, humor, and transparency as he beautifully shares the truths of scripture.