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This new addition, The Bridles of Armageddon, is an action/adventure thriller. The nation’s cultural war turns bloody as a right-wing demagogue believes he is God’s agent to start the Battle of Armageddon. Tired of what they perceive to be the nation’s fall from righteousness, and angry at the election of a liberal President, millions line up behind him, and the results quickly move beyond terrorism to full-scale war. Drew Covington, a nationally syndicated conservative columnist, and Shawna Forester, a liberal schoolteacher, are caught up in the resulting struggle and must decide where they stand. Must their nation and world be rent apart in an effort to bring heaven to earth?

Keith Madsen - Author

Keith Madsen writes fiction that combines adventure and romance with stories which dare to think the world can be better than it is. In his writing, the characters are real, but at the same time they dare to transcend their reality. Keith believes that fiction, to be truly inspirational, must first acknowledge the hard realities of life. In his books, as in life, people die, not just the evil people, the ones brought into being seemingly for the sole purpose of dying and validating a world of justice; but the good people as well -- children with cancer, kindly grandpas, leaders fighting crime and injustice. The inspirational aspect comes not from such deaths left as cold realities, but as they become seeds which lead to the renewal of life and resurrection. Keith has published two of his novels, THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF TOUSSAINT (Adelaide Publishing, New York, 2018), and SEARCHING FOR EDEN (Quill Hawk Publishing, Seattle, WA). He has two other novels coming: BRIDLES OF ARMAGEDDON and A GARDEN IN WINTER. He has also written short stories that have been published in Short Story America, Mobius: A Journal of Social Change, Talking River, and Adelaide.


Star Rating

“Searching for Eden is a seamless integration of several genres: adventure, romance, and coming-of-age. The prose is flowing and polished, taking on a distinct homiletic cadence toward the end of the book… I would recommend Searching for Eden as a book club selection because the book raises so many universal questions to prompt rich discussion. Why would a loving God let the innocent suffer? What is the nature of redemption, and what does it take to be redeemed? Can ideological and cultural differences that become the politics of nations ever be bridged and reconciled?”

—Liz Gaffreau, Author, Telling Sonny

Star Rating

“Keith Madsen excels in beginning with the microcosm of individual experience and blossoming … to the macrocosm of social unrest and political issues. He injects social and spiritual inspections into the story that keep readers involved and guessing about outcomes… highly recommended reading for anyone interested in stories about grief, recovery, spiritual inspection, and journeys that embrace world events and special interests, unfolding to reveal treasures of action and perspective alike.”

—Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews

Star Rating

“Strong elements of loss, sacrifice, and fear are evened out by love, faith, and hope. It has been said that the best novels surprise the reader, and Madsen has done just that many times throughout the story. I highly recommend Searching for Eden.”

—Donna Koros Stramella, Author, Coffee Killed My Mother

Star Rating

“Searching For Eden is a delightful read and thrilling journey that takes readers on a quest for self-discovery! The mystery, the dangers, the intrigue… oh my! Madsen weaves an intricate story of grief and healing in a web of political complexities and biblical pursuit. At times jarring, other times, intimate, this novel will have you searching for your own Eden.”

—Amy M. Le, Award-winning author of Snow in Vietnam

Star Rating

"In Searching for Eden by Keith Madsen, Evan Jordan is truly searching for Eden! After his teenage daughter dies from cancer, Keith is distraught and needs to find some comfort in finding a beautiful and innocent place. When Evan travels to the middle east, this becomes more than just an adventure, he finds himself fighting for his life, but also falling in love. I appreciated the history and the thought-provoking theme!"

—We love big books and we cannot lie