Mason's Book

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Mason Borth - Author

Homeschooled all her life, Mason Borth lived on a farm with cattle, chickens, rabbits, and a fruit orchard until she was fifteen. She started writing fanfiction when she was thirteen and soon broadened to original short stories and poetry. She is now eighteen, living in Oklahoma City with her parents and German Shepherd. Her job as a barista keeps her busy, but when at home, she enjoys watching horror movies and football, cultivating a wide variety of plants, and baking. With a magnificent support system, including her sister in Ohio, friends scattered around the world, and neighbors next door, Mason has very little doubt about succeeding in her goals and obtaining the future she desires. Her poetry is inspired by a plethora of subjects: nature, emotional pain, love, fictional stories and characters, her dreams, and music. Her purpose in life, which Mason has bestowed upon herself, is to bring happiness and kindness into others' lives, by whatever means available to her; whether that is by a latte, a poem, or a plant.