Selena Williams - Author

"My name is Selena Williams, and I was born and raised in Oklahoma City. An interesting fact about me is I thought I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. After graduating from Rose State College with an Associates degree in Mass Communication back in May of 2020, I had the aspiration of becoming a reporter. I was going to further my education and pursue a Bachelors in Communications. But God had a better plan for me. God gave me the gift of imagination and led me to my true calling--becoming a writer. My favorite genres are science fiction, horror, and adventure. My ultimate goal as a writer is to create a world for my readers that inspires them to open their minds and see a bigger picture. Even if my writings are fiction, there are certain aspects that touch on reality. Although I enjoy writing, another passion of mine is baking, my signature dessert to make is cheesecake. I also have an entrepreneurial spirit, I am a Certified Business owner of a cleaning service through Jan-Pro. I am ready to share my stories with the world and I am excited that Quill Hawk Publishing is going to help and guide me through the process."Selena is planning to publish a science fiction novel titled Electricity, about evil entities transferring from their realm to Earth through electric lines. It will be the first book in the Eerie-sistable Tales series!