Why Enter Writing Contests?

Why Enter Writing Contests?

Entering writing contests can offer several benefits, depending on your goals and aspirations as a writer. Here are some reasons why participating in writing contests can elevate your author brand:

1. **Recognition and Exposure:** Winning or even being a finalist in a writing contest can bring attention to your work. This exposure can lead to increased visibility, which may attract other opportunities in the writing industry. It can establish you as a prolific or critically acclaimed writer.

2. **Validation and Confidence:** Success in a writing contest can provide validation for your skills as a writer. This external affirmation can boost your confidence and motivate you to continue pursuing your writing goals.

3. **Networking:** Many writing contests are judged by professionals in the industry. Participating in these contests allows you to connect with established writers, editors, and other influential figures. Networking can open doors to valuable relationships and opportunities.

Meet the judges of 2023 Best Indie Choice Award contest

4. **Feedback and Critique:** Some contests provide feedback on your submissions, offering constructive criticism from experienced judges. This feedback can be invaluable for your growth as a writer, helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement.

5. **Deadline Discipline:** Contests often have specific submission deadlines, helping you develop discipline in meeting writing goals. Working towards a deadline can enhance your time management skills and productivity.

6. **Publication Opportunities:** Winning or placing in a writing contest may lead to publication opportunities. Some contests partner with literary magazines or publishers to showcase the winning entries, giving you a chance to have your work published.

7. **Prizes and Incentives:** Many contests offer monetary prizes, scholarships, or other incentives. While these shouldn't be the primary motivation for entering, they can be a nice bonus and provide financial support for your writing endeavors.

8. **Exploration of Genres and Themes:** Some contests have specific themes or genres, encouraging writers to explore new topics or styles. This can be a great way to push your creative boundaries and try something outside your comfort zone.

9. **Resume Building:** Including contest wins or recognitions on your writing resume or portfolio can enhance your credibility as a writer. This can be particularly valuable when submitting work to publishers, agents, or applying for writing-related opportunities.

10. **Motivation and Focus:** Knowing that you're working towards a specific contest deadline can provide motivation and focus. It can be a structured way to set and achieve writing goals.

Every year, Quill Hawk Publishing hosts an annual writing contest for published indie authors. There are many contests for traditionally published books but not a lot of opportunities for self-published works. Our twelve judges are ready to read your powerful indie-published works! Are you ready? Enter your self-published 2023 book today to the Best Indie Choice Award contest! (Open to US residents only.)

Quill Hawk Publishing Best Indie Choice Award Contest

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